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Any work pertaining to a WordPress website or web app can be done through WPgonow. With the skilled experts and agencies on our platform, your organization can tackle a wide range of projects — big or small, one-off or repeat, individual or team-based. Whether you need a content writer for an SEO-friendly blog post, or you need a 24/7 software development team to build a web app or create a web portal, you’ll find talent on WPgonow ready to support your business.

Technology is making online work similar to local work, with added speed, cost, and quality advantages.

To begin with, online work can happen wherever there’s a reliable Internet connection — an office, home, café, or rooftop. This also means you can choose who you work with, among a larger pool of people from around the globe.

Payments are simplified when using WPgonow, as they are integrated into the process. Funding projects is streamlined as the WPgonow platform lets you set a budget and Experts then submit bids and proposals to you. Once you award your job to an Expert you then fund the job by putting the funds in WPgonow escrow. You release the funds to the Expert automatically when you mark your job as successfully completed.

There are some things that don’t change when working on jobs online. Once the project begins, you’ll want to communicate openly and clearly, and work to create a successful project for all.

WPgonow charges WordPress Experts and Agencies a flat 10% service fee on the total amount they’ve billed with a client. Compare that to Upwork’s 20% service fee. You earn more on WPgonow.

WPgonow also offer featured job listing packages to Employers who want their jobs featured longer than free job listings. Featured job listing packages range in cost from $9.99 for 10 featured jobs to $19.99 for 20 featured job listings.

WPgonow also offers bid packs to WordPress Experts and Agencies. Every WordPress Expert and Agency gets 5 free bids per month. If you want to bid on more jobs than that in a one month period you can purchase a bid pack. Bid packs range in price from $9.99 for a 10 pack, $14.99 for a 15 pack, and $19.99 for a 20 pack of bids.

On WPgonow, after a job is completed both the Employer and the WordPress Expert are required to rate and review each other on their experience working on the project. Every rating and review a WordPress Expert or Employer gets is visible on their profile page on WPgonow. We encourage you to look at the ratings and reviews for anyone you are thinking of working with to see if they have a good reputation. If someone is new they may not have any ratings or reviews yet, and in that case it is good to send them a private message to ask them any questions that you may have.

Define your project. Outline your goals, deliverables, the skills you’re looking for, and your desired deadline.

By thinking through and describing your needs, you make it easier for prospective Experts and Agencies to submit an accurate proposal. Once you’re ready, post a job and WordPress Experts will review your project and submit bid proposals. You can also search the entire directory of our WordPress Experts and invite qualified experts to submit proposals.

Start by writing a clear and concise job post.

Also, when evaluating candidates, focus on those with proven work on similar projects. Communicate your needs clearly, then choose who to hire.

Most projects on WPgonow get completed on time and as expected, but if needed, we’ll step in to offer help.

If there’s a disagreement between you and your WordPress Expert or Agency, we’ll provide dispute assistance and, if needed, connect you with arbitration.

The Service Contract terms in our User Agreement state that you own any intellectual property that you pay for, and our WPgonow Terms of Service contain default intellectual property and confidentiality provisions, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which many clients consider sufficient for this purpose.

You can also add additional terms to your job, and have your WordPress Expert or Agency sign an additional non-disclosure or similar agreement if needed.

You and your WordPress Expert or Agency agree on a fixed price for completing your job upfront. You post your budget and WordPress Experts and Agencies submit bids. The bid you select is how much you pay for the job to be completed. You can also add milestones to each project. When your WordPress Expert or Agency reaches a milestone, you review the work. Once the project is successfully completed you then release the funds to the WordPress Expert.

Every project is given a private workspace on WPgonow for you and your WordPress Expert to work and collaborate in. We also include WPgonow Messages in your Wordspace so you can easily and securely chat and share files with each other.

Once a WordPress Expert or Agency receives payment for work completed on a project, our Terms of Service specify that ownership of that work transfers to the client/employer.

If desired, WordPress Experts and Employers may also agree on different or additional terms regarding work product ownership.

You and your WordPress Expert or Agency agree upon the price according to your project scope and budget. WPgonow makes paying WordPress Experts and Agencies simple and secure. Choose to pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

You are only charged when you accept a bid from a WordPress Expert or Agency. When you accept a bid, you are funding your project upfront for the amount of the bid price and the money goes into WPgonow’s escrow service. Your money is then held in WPgonow’s escrow service until you mark the project as successfully completed. The money then instantly gets transferred to your WordPress Expert.

WPgonow also offers featured job listing packages where your job will be featured for longer on WPgonow than free job listings. We charge $9.99 for a 10 pack of featured job listings and $19.99 for a 20 pack of featured job listings.

You should not be responsible for filing 1099-MISC forms for your WordPress Expert or Agency.

One of the benefits of paying through WPgonow is that, in general, if your talent is correctly classified as an independent contractor you should not be responsible for reporting payments on Form 1099-MISC or any other tax forms. The reason is that our escrow service is a “third-party payment network.” When you make payments through our third-party payment network (powered by Stripe), Form 1099 reporting becomes Stripe’s responsibility, not yours. Specifically, Stripe is obligated to report payments to independent contractors on Form 1099-K when applicable, which means you should not be obligated to report on Form 1099-MISC. Therefore, WPgonow no longer sends Form 1099-MISC on behalf of Employers, and all WordPress Experts and Agencies classified as U.S. Persons must submit Form W-9 information to Stripe (they do this when they set up their payment account), so that our escrow service can accurately report on Form 1099-K.

The foregoing assumes you have correctly classified your talent as an independent contractor to you, instead of an employee.

As a reminder, you are responsible to determine proper classification of all of your WordPress Experts as either independent contractors or employees. For U.S.-based freelancers, you should refer to the IRS guidelines and other federal, state, and local regulations applicable to you.

Naturally, we’re not experts on tax matters for your specific business, so you should consult a tax professional if you have questions or concerns about this or any other tax-related issues. If you’re not based in the U.S. or have additional questions, please consult your local tax representative for more information on filing tax forms in your country.

You can evaluate WordPress Experts and Agencies by reviewing their WPgonow profile. Each WordPress Expert and Agency in our marketplace has a WPgonow profile. It can include work experience and samples, client feedback, skills test scores, and much more. Then, have a quick interview with your top candidates to answer questions related to your project.

Once you’ve signed up, you can post a job, review matches, interview via chat, and hire your preferred candidate — all on WPgonow.

We have several measures in place to ensure that WPgonow is a fair and reliable marketplace.

We use multiple means to verify that WordPress Experts and Agencies are who they say they are. Information is also displayed that gives you a sense of each person’s skill level. In part, this includes:

  • Authenticating email addresses
  • Verifying each person’s identity through ID verification
  • Displaying ratings and reviews on past projects for every WordPress Expert and Agency

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective WordPress Experts and Agencies to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your project. Custom screening questions can be included in your job post, and WPgonow Messages provides real-time chat and tools for interviewing finalists.

All you need to get started is a computer, Internet connection, and amazing skills and knowledge of WordPress.

Your next step is creating an outstanding profile to showcase yourself or your agency. Think of it as an introduction, resume, and marketing brochure rolled into one, highlighting your:

  • Professional skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Education and accomplishments
  • Certifications, licences, etc.

The best profiles are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly-looking picture. Once you have a strong profile, start looking for jobs. Search, submit proposals, interview, repeat. More activity means more job prospects.

Anyone with professional skills and knowledge centered around WordPress that has a reliable Internet connection can use WPgonow to find opportunities and build a thriving business.

Hundreds of jobs are posted daily, offering a variety of work opportunities for those with the right skills.

In many ways, working with a client online is just like working with any other client.

To be successful, you should choose work you’re qualified for, communicate well with your clients and project team, and take the time to build great working relationships. How you work with your clients is up to you, but here are a few tips from our marketplace’s most successful professionals:

Choose your projects carefully.

  • When you interview for a project, “interview” your client/employer as well. Ask questions about the project and what result is expected.
  • Be sure the needs of the job are in line with the desired deadline, and that you’ll have the time to execute well.
  • If you end up feeling that the client/employer or project isn’t right for you, turn it down and search for more jobs.

Start the job strong.

  • Once you’re hired, have a conversation with your client to kick off the project. Decide how you will work together and your preferred mode of communication.
  • Agree on project deadlines. Make sure not to overpromise if you don’t think a deadline is reasonable.
  • Then, gather all the information you need to get started on the job.

Communicate clearly.

  • Be proactive. Even if they don’t ask for it, consider communicating with your client at least once per week. Let them know what you’re working on, and what your schedule will be for delivering work.
  • Respect timelines. Agree on deadlines with your client and make sure you keep them. If you won’t be able to meet a deadline, communicate with your client immediately to let them know when you’ll be able to complete the work.
  • When in doubt, ask. If you have a question, ask. This will keep your work on track and on time.
  • Respond quickly. When your client reaches out, responding quickly can help you build a strong relationship. Clients may get concerned if they don’t hear from you.

Ensure client satisfaction.

  • Consider submitting a small part of the project early on. Ask your client if the work product meets their needs.
  • As you submit deliverables, make sure the client is happy with the results before you move on to the next step.
  • At the end of the project, make sure your client has everything they need.

WPgonow’s matching and search capabilities help you pinpoint interesting projects.

To determine the type of jobs you want to search for, you can make a few decisions about how you want to work:

  • Do you want a small project or a longer-term project?
  • How many hours per week are you available to work?
  • Indicate what project categories you are most interested in.

Now, search WPgonow for jobs that fit your skills and preferences. Read descriptions carefully to determine the ones you are most qualified for and if they meet your criteria.

Once you’ve found a job that’s the right fit, send the client a well-written, error-free bid proposal to increase your chances of success. Customize your bid proposal to address the needs outlined in the description. Hundreds of jobs are posted each day. To stay on top of the ones that interest you, ensure that you have selected what job categories you are interested in on your profile and ensure that you have opted in to receive job alert emails (this is a preference you select when editing your profile).

WPgonow provides a user-friendly platform to help you securely chat, share files, and get paid.

  • Set milestones and deadlines with your client for each part of the project.
  • Submit work for each milestone.
  • Fixed-Price Protection keeps funds secure while you’re working on each milestone.
  • You get paid when the job/project is marked as successfully completed by the Client/Employer
  • In the rare case that there is a dispute on a project, you or the client/employer can file a dispute and a WPgonow representative will review the case and any supporting documentation to determine who will win the case. When a dispute is filed, whoever WPgonow decides wins the the case receives the project funds.

Clients using the WPgonow platform range from Fortune 500 companies to one-person startups.

WPgonow clients can be top tech companies building a huge product or small businesses needing help with their WordPress website. They might even just need SEO expertise on their WordPress site. Whatever your preference, you’ll have the opportunity to work with companies you like on projects you love.

WPgonow gives you the freedom to work anytime, from anywhere. You can quickly and easily grow your business with ongoing opportunities.

WPgonow offers three advantages you won’t find offline:

  • Unparalleled opportunity: You’ll find clients all in one place and hundreds of projects posted each month.
  • Built-in security: A safe and secure platform with real-time messaging and file sharing to collaborate with clients, 24/7 customer support, and a clear dispute process should you need it.
  • Reputation building: Our client feedback system helps you build your reputation in a way that is verifiable and leads to more business and higher earnings.

That’s up to you. On WPgonow, you set and negotiate your own rates.

As with any business, your earning power is often tied to your experience and the demand for your skills. Once you build your reputation on WPgonow, you’ll typically be able to command higher rates from clients who respect your proven skills. In fact, we have found that specialized WordPress Experts and Professional Agencies on WPgonow, on average, increase their hourly rate almost 60% in the first year. With access to worldwide job opportunities, your earning potential is no longer limited by the rates in your local market — you can earn as much as your skills are worth to global clientele.

It’s free to join WPgonow. We receive a 10% fee from each payment depending on the amount billed to the client.

We also offer bid packs that WordPress Experts and Agencies can purchase if they want to submit bids on more than 5 jobs per month (it’s free to submit up to 5 bids on jobs per month). Bid packs range from $9.99 for 10 additional bids, $14.99 for 15 additional bids, and $19.99 for 20 additional bids. Purchased bids never expire.

Have a question that you’d like answered? Email us at support@wpgonow.com or ask us via our live chat.